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2nd Colloquiumfor faculty -Graduate Students


1. About Srinakharinwirot University &
Behavioral Science Research Institute (BSRI)
2. Applied Behavioral Science Research Curriculum 5
3. Topic of PhD thesis ofBSRI 8
4. Information about Graduate Research Students at BSRI 10
5. Background to the Colloquium 13
6. Program schedule the 2 nd Colloquium 15
7. Research Summaries -Presentations at the Colloquium 19
  Factors Determining Creative Values of Thai Government Officials Wiladlak Chuawanlee' Ngamta Vanindanandha'' Wirin Thammanartsakul"
Pachongchit Intasuwan Chantana Parkbongkot
Duangduen Sartrapat Ngarmta Wanintanon
Oamduen Sodmanee Sathon Pookong
Usa Srijindarat
  Sexual Culture and Family Life of Homosexual Bang -on Thepthien
  Work specific Locus of control as a moderator of the relationship between Organizational stressors and Job related well-being . Kanu Priya Mohan
  A study of tending methods In the parents of autistic children. Supaporn Chinchai.
  The factors of perception and Samutthan of Thai traditional medicine associated with osteoarhtiritis of the knee in the patients at out patient department in Rajavitee hospital. Tanavan Srimonruttanakul
  A Causal Model of Factors Associated with SmokingPrevention
Behaviours among Lower Secondary School Male Students in Khonkaen Province
Wanchanok Juntachum
  Accordance with Foreign Language Standards for Basic Education Curriculum Dr. Noppakao Na-Phatthalung
Thaksin Development of Assessment Bank In
  Direct Measures affecting to the Problem
solving of the Continual Balance of Payment Deficit ofThailand
Dr. Jutapak Harirakthamrong
Rajabhat University
  "Epidemiological study, health behaviour
associated with parasite infection (liver and
University, intestinal fluke) and Impact of health educational programmes.
Mr. Choosak Nithikathkul
Huachiew Chalermprakiet
  Japanese Senior Tourists-an untapped
Ms. Prathurung Hongsranagon
Tharnmasat University
  Teaching, Learning and Conceptual
Development of Force and Motion in Third-Year Preservice Physics Teachers
Mr. Khajornsak Buaraphan
Kasetsart University
  Development of AP Course for Admission to the
Faculty of Management at Songkhla Rajabha
University: A Case Study ofAP Course Eng
ish for Tourism.
K.Pornpimon Pornpeerachon
Kasetsart University