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The third Internation Research Colloquium::
Research of Malaysia and Thailand


Mariam Adawiah Dzulkifli
Wan Rafei Abdul Rahman, Mariam Advawiah Dzulkifli, Harris Shah Abdul Hamid, Wan Shahrazad Wan Sulaiman
Wan Rafaei Abdul Rahman, Mariam Adawiah Dzulkifli, Harrid Shah Abdul Hamid, Wan Shahrazad Wan Sulaiman
Section 1: Complete Research Papers
1. Work, Family and Women's well-being: Selected Research Findings Naraini Mohd Noor
2. Factors Affecting Work Behaioour After Retirement of the Government Officials at Srinakharinwirot University Manat Boonprakob and Pannee Boonprakob
3. Family Strategies for Developing Environmental Conservaton Behaviour in Thai Children Pannee Boonprakob, Wiladlak Chuawanlee and Manat Boonprakob
4. Moderating Effect of Internal-Locus of Control on the Relationship between Perceived Administrative Behavior of the Chiefs and Perceived Organizational Politic Titima Vechpong and Treetip Boonyam
5. Incluence of Empowerment on Job Performance: Astudy Through the Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction Sukuma Saengduanchai and Sujida Prasert
6. Job Performance of Employees' at Yala Municipality : Violence Perception on Situations as a Mediator Bunsit Chaichana and Tinnakrit Atthakowitthatree
7. An Analysis of the Causal Relationship of Influential Variables on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Case Study of Nurses at a Public Hospital in Bangkok Jiraporn Chomboon and Wilailak Langka
8. The Influence of Job Stress and Coping Strategies on the Work Efficiency of Call center Employees at Telecommunication company Polrapee Thummapan, Yongyut Sanprasit and Thammanathika Jangswang
9. Spirituality and Personality Correlates of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour Diana Setiyawati and Wan Rafaei Abdul Rahman
10. Work-Family Conflict, Coping and Well-Being in Nurses Ruhaya Hussin and Noraini Mohd, Noor
11. A Synthesis of Theses on Child-centered Teaching Behaviors; Research Summary Nongnuch Utaisri, Manat Boonprakob and Angsinun Intarakamhang
12. Developing Lifelong Learning Competencies Among Undergraduates through Humanistic and Cognitive Based Learning Management Model Wilai Phaengsri, Pachongchit Intasuwan, Oraphin Choochom and Chantana Parkbongkoch
13. The Effects of Parental Relationship on the Academic Performance on hildren Tam Cai Lian and Fatimah Yusoof
14. Consumer Complaining Behavior: A study with Reguards to Public Services in Klang Valley, Malaysia Ruziati bt Mior Ahamad Ariffin and Malini Ratnasingam
15. Personality Traits, Attitude and Socialization Process of Police Officers and its Influence on Job Performance Laila Ali and Malini Ratnasingam
Section 2: Concept Papers
16. Behavioural Science Rseach Degree in the Millennium Wiladlak Chuawanlee
17. The Future of Mental Health Counseling in Malaysia : A Discourse between Glovalization versus Indigenization and Islamization Khairul Anuar Masuan
Section 3: Research Proposal
18. Research on work values in Malaysia and Thailand: A cross cultural reseach proposal Wan Rafaei Abdul Rahman
19. Causal Factors of Obesity Prevention Behaviors and BMI in Fourth Grade School Children in Demonstration School, Bangkok Patcharee Duangchan, Dusadee Yolao and Ungsinun Intarakamhang
20. The Relationship Between Student Characteristics, Perceptions Towards Teachers, Learning Approaches and Learning Outcomes Among University Students Wan Shahrazad Wan Sulaiman and Wan Rafaei Abdul Rahman
21. Modernization, the Global Culture and Motherhool Abdul-Mumin Abdullai
22. The Relationship between Ego Identify Status and Adjustment to College among local and International Students of the International Islamin University Malaysia Ebru Morgul and Naraini Mohd, Noor
23. Structural relations concerning sustained volunteerism of undergraduate students Anu Jarernvongrayab and Wiladlak Chuawanlee
24. The Survival of Transnational Labor from Myanmar in Bangkok, Thailand Pinkanok Wongpinpech, Manat Boonprakob, Sadhon Bhookong and Wiladlak Chuawanlee
25. Other Papers Presented  
26. Contributors