Assessing and Improving Health Literacy and Wellbeing in Thai families at risk of NCDs: The Development of a Culturally Relevant Health Behavior Model and a Positive Psychology and Health Literacy Program

Ungsinun Intarakamhang1 & Ann Macaskill2

Ungsinun Intarakamhang

Associate Professor of Health Psychology and Behavior Science
Address: Behavioral Science Research Institute, Srinakharinwirot University 114 Sukhumvit23 Rd., Wattana district, BANGKOK 10110 Thailand
Email: Tel. +66-891653520

Ann Macaskill

Professor of Health Psychology, Head of Research Ethics,
Address: Faculty of Development and Society, Unit 8 Science Park, Howard Street, Sheffield S1 2 WB Sheffield Hallam University
Email: Tel. +44 (0)114 225 4604



The 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion, 2016 focused on health risks and wellbeing for sustainable development. The research aims to address previously identified regional health issues and improve health literacy (HL) and health behavior (HB) through educating adult family members. Via a multi-phase study, to understand the family factors that influence HB by interviewing adult family members (spouses) with good HL to examine how this is achieved; from the literature and the interview data to produce a new culturally relevant Thai health model and examine it by surveying 2,000 spouses at risk of non-communicable diseases in rural and suburban areas; to develop standardized instruments from the survey as screening tools for health services; to implement and evaluate a positive psychology and HL program based on areas of need as identified in the survey. Data will be analyzed via content analysis, CFA, SEM and MANCOVA. Guidelines for the improvement of the quality of community care and a training package for wider distribution will be produced based on the research.

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