International Journal of Behavioral Science (IJBS)
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Vol.10, No.2, July, 2015
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Editor's Remark Kanu Priya Mohan
 10.14456/ijbs.2015.38 Note on Cultural Universals and Variations of Gratitude from an East Asian Point of View
Takashi Naito and Naoko Washizu
 10.14456/ijbs.2015.39 Mental Health in the Asia-Pacific Region: An Overview
Alexander Lourdes Samy, Zahra Fazli Khalaf, and Wah-Yun Low
10.14456/ijbs.2015.40 Gender Wage Inequality in Thailand: A Sectoral Perspective
Minh-Tam Thi Bui and Chompoonuh Kosalakorn Permpoonwiwat
10.14456/ijbs.2015.41 Adapting HR Concepts of German MNCís to Thai Subsidiaries
Christin Grothaus
10.14456/ijbs.2015.42 A Managerial Internal Marketing Strategy Model for Life Insurance Industry in Thailand Wachirapun Chotechuong and Kiatichai Vesdapunt
10.14456/ijbs.2015.43 Conflicts in Thailand during 2013-14: An Analysis of Conflict News in Mass Media
Dusadee Yoelao, Thasuk Junpresert, Sudarat Tuntivivat,
and Napattararat Chaiakkarakan
10.14456/ijbs.2015.44 Program Development for Enhancing Creative Leadership among School Administrators in Local Government Organizations of Thailand
Phimphon Phimkoh, Kowat Tesaputa, and Kanok-orn Somprach
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